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Cortland Medical Supply is a home medical equipment and respiratory care company affiliated with Cortland Regional Medical Center. The company is dedicated to providing quality equipment and service with skill and compassion to all. We are a community oriented home health care provider committed to being "First in service."


Cortland Medical Supply was founded in 1995 and started operating out of a small home located near the hospital. We started with two employees consisting of a respiratory therapist and a delivery service technician. By the end of 1996 we had hired a second respiratory therapist and an office staff person. As the company grew, so did the need for more space. It was then that we moved into a larger building previously occupied by a long-time local physician. At this time, we also hired three more employees. As we grew, we decided to handle all of our billing to help our customers and ourselves, and in 2000 and in 2002 we hired another office staff person to assist us with that transition and new responsibility. A year later, with more growth, we had the need to hire a warehouse supervisor, followed in 2004 by the need for another delivery service technician. In May of 2005, we found ourselves in need of more space once again. We then moved into a larger building, once again located near the hospital. Here we are today, over twenty years and two buildings later with 14 employees, and the same commitment to service we started with.

Having Cortland Medical Supply affiliated with Cortland Regional Medical Center, it much easier for patients to make their transfer from hospital to home. The needs of patients can be met in the hospital and then at home with ease, due to the connection between Cortland Regional Medical Center and Cortland Medical Supply.